Shine, dark side

Next week I am flying to Las Vegas for Steve Pavlina’s “Conscious Growth Seminar”. In the material I have obtained as a participant it is recommended that you choose goals for the workshop.

I absolutely agree that focus is necessary to make the most out of any experience, and probably even more if it is about your own growth. Today I just found my focus as I noticed once again that my source of value and creativity is my darkest side, the same I have been hiding.

My focus will be authenticity.

There is this part of me I have been hiding for long and the longer I live this way, the more I feel that it hinders me, my social life, my work, and possibly my future.

I have gone through an eating disorder. That’s it. The fight against it and the experience of overcoming it is my deepest source of knowledge, of sympathy for the human being with all its weaknesses, and at the same time my greatest source of strength.

I have two deep desires. One: contributing to the well-being of those who still struggle with binge eating sharing my experience. Two: sharing what I learned about personal development during this fight, which is terribly useful in many situations that have nothing to do with eating disorders.

My wish for the workshop is to find the way to start integrating this in my everyday life and work.

This is today’s personal development lesson from my shiny dark side: the darkest part of you can become the shiniest source of light. It may take time, but the possibility is always there.

Judith Theuerkauf says:

Thursday, 21. October 2010 • 10:46 am

I wish you the very best for the workshop in Las Vegas. I am sure you will take maximum benefit from your participation. Have fun as well!


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