Telephone Coaching

Coaching is effective support

  • Plan goals that suite you
  • Make plans that thrive
  • Find solutions that work

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As a coaching physicist

  • I see problems as challenges
  • I speak clearly and straight to the point

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What is coaching? A terrific tool for finding solutions

Together, we find solutions that work.  If you feel you have tried everything to reach a goal or to get rid of a problem and you are still not there, you need an individual solution which works for you, including all particularities of your person and of your environment. In a coaching setting you don’t get advice or recipes. My role as a coach is to guide you through the solution-finding process. We work together to refine your goals, to broaden the spectrum of possibilities, to find or develop the necessary resources, and to design a success plan.

How many sessions do I need?

If you have one concrete question, you may need just one session. For example one client needed preparation for a potentially conflictive meeting. One session was enough and the meeting went well. Another client needed support during the end phase of her PhD, so we decided to have regular sessions every second week for a period of three months.

How does a coaching session look like?

After a warming-up phase where we speak about the particular situation you want to handle, we settle to find a description of your goal and of what should be achieved during the present session. Once we have developed a well defined goal, I guide you through questions and exercises towards your solution. At the end of the session you have clarity, you are aware of your resources, you know who can support you, and see clearly what is the next step to take.

Why telephone coaching?

  • Telephone coaching is effective: on the phone there are no distractions. I use coaching techniques that work perfectly on the phone.
  • Telephone coaching is flexible: reach your coach from everywhere, from home, from work, from a hotel, from a different country, etc. Call me and I call you back.
  • It is time-saving: you save transport time and we can start right away finding the solutions you need.

I want coaching! How do I get started?

Contact me per email or telephone. We will clear any questions you may have and make an appointment for a first coaching session.