What my clients say

María is a friendly and entertaining coach who also knows her stuff and communicates it clearly.  I had been agonizing over revising my book manuscript for most of a year before her time management seminar.  With the tips and suggestions she gave, I was able to finish editing everything within three months, while still producing quality work and feeling a lot more relaxed about it at the same time.
Workshop participant

María has coached me during the transition period between my PhD and first PostDoc. I was overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks and projects and found myself procrastinating and struggling to take decisions. María has helped me a lot in clearing up the picture and overcoming my mental blocks. She taught me a set of very useful tools to do better planning and organize my schedule in a more efficient way.

María’s sharp and pragmatic analysis of tasks that to me seemed overwhelming has helped me a lot to structure my work better, and to move on, step by step, and has enhanced my self-confidence towards my own work.
Thank you María, I really enjoyed working with you!
Coaching client

Maria listens very intently to what one has to say. Whether the problem is time management or simply lack of focus and motivation, she asks questions to get to the root of the problem. She is very easy to talk to which made it very easy to share my feelings. She listened to my issues and problems with my environment and was able to give me an explanation for each situation and also exercises to help myself. A very interesting and important question she asked me about my feelings towards my problems was “What did I learn about myself?

Workshop participant

Dear Maria,

I recieved your postcard a couple of weeks ago…I wished to use this oppurtunity to thank you again for the fruitful and interesting course you offered on Time management in June.
The techniques have been a saviour for me, both for my phd research and my life! I have also transferred the course contents to my husband and we made a 3 month plan for his exams and projects at university (photo attached).
Wish you a nice start in the week!

L. S., Workshop participant

This workshop was by far the best one I have ever visited.

Workshop participant

Mrs. Machón has counseled me in time management for my doctoral thesis. In the first meeting, I examined my motivation in depth. Writing down the results has helped me stay focused later on and made me get to work on my dissertation after coming home from my job in the clinic. By mid August, I had already written 20 pages, thanks to a detailed work schedule that we developed together. I met with Mrs. Machón on a regular basis. In those meetings I could evaluate the progress I made. It was a chance to balance the pros and cons of new ideas and ponder solutions for recent problems.

Mrs. Machón’s coaching has helped me focus and I was able to overcome doubt. With her help, I have been able to save a lot of time. Therefore, I was able to hand in a complete version of my dissertation to my thesis supervisor at the beginning of November right in time before the birth of my daughter. He has given me his feedback by now and I will defend my thesis this year. In the two years that I had already spent working on my thesis before I met with Mrs. Machón, I had only managed to write ten pages. I highly recommend Mrs. Machón’s coaching to everybody who is writing a doctoral thesis and I wish I would have made an appointment with her much sooner.

J. A., Berlin

Maria is a very good coach who will both challenge and support your issues and has a wonderful way of asking the right question at the right time which opes new doors of the possibilities the are there for you

Steve Johnson, London

How do I manage the next step in my three-year project? How do I plan the next working day? Where do I get the daily motivation from? In María’s self-management-course I learned methods to break down my dissertation project into manageable tasks and to execute them efficiently. Her pragmatic view on concrete challenges made the analyses and working methods immediately applicable. But the best was the sustainable result: the addition of many little successes brings the joy back into my writing!

Tilman Reger, Berlin

The course was a nice mixture of explaining general concepts, applying these to our situation including ideas from participants and giving space for discussions. Having a second part of the course was a good idea: this makes the learning more enduring.

Workshop Participant

María opens up questions in an un-intimidating way, which you would be avoiding in your every day environment, as well as comes with concrete solutions to problems

Workshop Participant

Your way of talking is amazing: funny, charming, original, real and believable!

Workshop Participant

I participated in María’s workshop called Improve your time-management during the doctorate with self-coaching in June 2013 in Berlin. During those two days, I realized that in the past I had not tried to find out what my actual problems were (the ones hidden behind the symptoms). I wans’t asking myself the right questions. In the workshop I learned that the only way to solve our problems is to define them accurately. Then everything seems much easier… Thanks María for teaching me the necessary tools!


María helped me not only with my professional career but also with my personal development through her pragmatic style of coaching.

M. L., Physicist, Berlin

I would describe María’s coaching as “to the point”. I feel that probably her scientific background allows her to recognize structures quickly and to focus on them. I never felt as though one question was superfluous or unnecessary. Her coachings were also very personal: I was quickly able to develop trust in her because she presents herself as a person and not as an “abstract” coach.  Instead of “interrogating” me, she took me by the hand and led me to view the situation from a new angle.
C.H., Frankfurt am Main
Dear Maria,
I would like to thank you once more for your help with the guidance. I finished my PhD entirely and work now in a very good lab as postdoc. You helped me a lot to prioritize and figure my professional way.
I. K., Berlin

Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for the trees in life. As a coach, Maria gave me a clear external view of my situation. She cuts right to the chase of the problem and she helps you find the way out of the labyrinth. Coaching gives me guidance when life gets confusing.

Judith Theuerkauf, Berlin

María has a true talent for helping people cut through emotional barriers and mental blocks. In just two sessions on the phone, she helped me identify and rethink several habits and mental patterns that were interfering with my progress on a major writing project. Since our conversations, I’ve been more productive than ever — and writing has become fun for me again! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Daniel Koontz, New Jersey

I worked with María when I was nervous about beginning my book project and feared that I would procrastinate through my usual patterns. My first session helped shake loose some ideas that had been stuck to the walls of my brain for some time — both creative ones I wanted to pursue as well as negative thoughts I needed to discard. She has very sharp insight to go along with a grounded and methodical approach, and her questions helped me look at my fears in a new way and unlock other ideas of how I might succeed. Through this work, I now have a clear set of actions to take that will keep me on track, as well as plans for how to set and reach my immediate business goals — I definitely received way more than what I hoped I would get out of our work together! If you feel like it’s time to get serious about your own success, hiring María is a smart strategy.

Fiona Russell, Virgin Islands

You took a seemingly complicated situation and helped me realize it was in reality a simple problem with real and practical solutions. This is a great talent you have.

A. A., Berlin

That was helpful! And I even had fun!

C. P., Berlin